About Shalom Community

The Shalom Catholic Community is a worldwide missionary community made of men, women, families, priests, and celibates, young and adults. Our call is to proclaim Jesus Christ and lead others to experience His presence and love. We do that in many ways such as running prayer groups, retreats, pilgrimages, youth camps, courses on spirituality and faith, small and large events, offering spiritual counselling and whatever means the Lord inspires us. We have been assisting St Monica's Catholic Church since 2008 in liturgical services and other activities. For more about us visit our website: https://comshalom.org/en 

Online Prayer Meeting

We know how hard it has been to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. It has affected not just our parish life, but our relationships, family, work, physical, and mental health. However, God always inspires us new ways to deal with the adversities of life. While we can't meet in person, we can still pray together and we can do it online! Join Shalom's weekly online prayer meeting every Saturday at 4pm via Zoom. Click on the link to connect with us: https://linktr.ee/ShalomLondon

Miraculous event during Divine Mercy Chaplet